Nubian Media uses state of the art technologies like VR Development for distribution, asset management and monetization of art and music by integrating Crypto Currieries to promote NFTs creation.   The infrastructure has matured to the point that an easy-to-use, scalable, fully featured financial tracking system is now possible.

Artists receive royalty statements every month of sales, demographics, stores and when and what country the music was purchased.  They know if the music was purchased or streamed live.  Either way the artists get paid.  Nubian Ear Media also implement social media campaigns, album promotions, live performances, recording sessions, accounting, online sales tracking and marketing.  This delete cost of overhead associated with promoting artists.

Artists hold the copyrights; keep their master recordings and 100% creative and career decisions.  Revenue streams are reported in real time, with transaction costs pre-defined and competitive with the market.

Companies pay record royalties of (8% to 16%) of the suggested list retail price.  Labels pay composers and publishers mechanical royalties. They cap mechanical royalties at ten songs payable at 75% of the statutory rate ($.80 per song in 2002), which equals $.60 per song under the controlled composition clauses of recording contracts.  Nubian Ear artists are paid 50% of their royalties. Artists are not bounded to a typical record contract.  The artist can choose to leave anytime and still have their music rights and reputation in tack.

Nubian Ear Media is an Indie Record Label that is changing the way artists market, distribute and profit from the music that they create and produce. Nubian Ear Media distribute content to the following online music sites.
1. ITunes
2. Amazon
3. Google Music
4. Rhapsody
5. Spotify
6. Emusic
7. Xbox Live
8. Zune
9. Slacker
10. Juke My Music
11. Gracenote
12. Shazam
13. Music Unlimited
14. WIMP
15. Emusic
16. Muve Music
17. Media Net
18. My Space
19. Nokia
20. Iheart Radio
21. Simfy
22. Deezer
23. Rdio
24. Beats Music