Video Gaming Birthday Parties
Looking for a party idea for your teen? Let Nubian Media host your next - "A Party at your house, not in your house" provide them the Ultimate Video Game Party Experience. Gamers don't just want to play video games - they want to experience them! Our 40 foot theater comes complete with a total of five big screens, 14 gaming systems . Guests can compete in groups of 4 or the systems can be networked together for up to 20 players at one time! Our certified Game Gurus host your event from start to finish ensuring all party-goers have a time to remember. Talking about memories… we help with that too! Photos and video are taken throughout the event and then we create and share a video slideshow staring all of your guests!
Gaming Protocol

Nubian Media Video Gaming Tournaments are about more than just winning. They are an opportunity to meet people from different communities and different walks of life who share the passion for gaming competition.  They also serve as a meeting grounds where you can finally hang out with friends from thousands of miles away who you might have only talked to online. Nevertheless, a major part of tournaments is about determining an eventual champion. We all have a competitive spirit within us, otherwise we wouldn’t be attending tournaments in the first place. As the stakes are raised, so is the pressure to perform.
This document is an attempt to strictly codify every rule that will be in effect at the tournament. Our goal is not to make things overly complicated, but rather to make sure everyone is treated fairly. In the event of a conflict, strict adherence to these rules will ensure that things don’t become personal and everyone can have a good time. All tournament competitors are responsible for knowing these rules in advance.

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Have an unforgettable time with your friends and family by playing your favorite video games in a truck fully customized for the best and most fun gaming time you will ever experience! The Nubian Media mobile video game truck has many features. With seven wide-screen and HDTV, a surround sound system, special lights its certain that you will have the best Game Truck birthday party you have ever imagined. The Nubian Media Mobile Video Game Truck has the most popular and best game consoles such as PSA 4 and Xbox One which are all connected to the HDTVs. For your game truck birthday party Nubian Media offers a variety of games in their Game Library which you can choose from. And parent, don’t worry if you feel like some game isn’t appropriate for your children. You can just inform them and they will exclude it from the game options. We saved the best for last! The Nubian Media Mobile Video Game Truck will be the one that will arrive in front of your house or in the nearest place where it would fit in.


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