Virtual and Social Distance & STEM

Lego League

Learn the basic in creating, building and programming Lego Mind Storm and EV3 Lego Systems.  Youth will prepare for the up coming US FIRST FLL season as team member of the Chicago South Suburban NSBE Jr. Chapter “Nubian Alphas Lego Team”.


Digital Film Making

Learn how to film exciting  music videos, martial art fight scenes and fast car chases using radio control cars.  Edit scenes and add music sound score to movie clips and publish completed polish work online using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro.



VEX Military Robotics

Learn VEX Robotic System by creating, designing and programming radio transmitters, sensors and other hi tech devices to complete game of robotic  military missions.  Configure Raspberry Pi, understand IOT and A.I. while working with a team to collaborate to develop 3D conceptual projects.


RC Racing/Engineering

Learn how to race and compete in the Ten 80 Student challenge.  Apply automotive engineering, science, math, electronics, graphics art to build and race your own RC electric touring/NASCAR car. 


*Lab Car Kit Required $150.00




 Digital Recording

Learn how to run a record label by creating & producing music in a professional recording studio.  Make hip-hop, hot mixes, R&B, neo soul and other genres digital tracks and upload cuts to ITunes, Xbox Live, Emusic and other online music sites.  Produce recording content for the KLT “Nubian Ear Media Record Label” and learn how the music industry operates.   





Learn how to take an idea and create profit!  Students will learn the business of hosting Esports gaming tournaments, birthday parties, events and venues for campers and gamers this summer and fall.  They will learn how to event plan, create budgets and implement exciting game play.



                                       Solid Works 3D Design

Combine science, math and the arts to create 3D car designs and prototype conceptions and fabricate hop-up after market parts for our Ten 80 Student Racing Team.  Or, design video gaming objects and characters using Solid Works CAD software.  Test and configure wind tunnel data to design custom wings and spoilers for the “Nubian Engineering Racing Team.


3rd place National Society of Black Engineers NASCAR Ten 80 Student Challenge
Rookie Team "Nubian Alphas Lego Team" Chicago South Suburban NSBE Jr. Chapter