Great job Nubian Engineers at NSBE National 41th Convention NSBE 2015 US Ten 80 Student Racing Challenge

 1st Place Racing Challenge Middle School Division Winner

 3rd Place Over All NSBE Middle School Division


Outstanding job Nubian Engineers at NSBE National 40th Convention

NSBE 2014 Ten 80 Student Racing Challenge!


Points Race Winners


Middle School

·         1st Place:  Metro Warriors Alpha (Metro Warriors)

·         2nd Place:  In10sity (CSU)

·         3rd Place:  Nubian Engineering (Chicago South Suburbs NSBE Jr.)


Grand Champions

·         1st Place:  Team In10sity (Chicago State PCI)

·         2nd Place:  Nubian Engineering (Chicago South Suburbs NSBE Jr.)

·         3rd Place: Metro Warriors Alpha (Metro Warriors)



Engineering Project Winners (Creative Eng, Aerodynamic Design, P.I.T. Now! Renewable Energy)

·         1st Place: Nubian Engineering (Chicago South Suburbs NSBE Jr.)

·         2nd Place:  Team In10sity (Chicago State PCI)

·         3rd Place: Metro Warriors Alphas 1 (Metro Warriors)


Team Presentation

·         1st Place:  Team In10sity (Chicago State PCI)

·         Tie for 2nd Place:  Metro Warriors Alpha (Metro Warriors) and Nubian Engineering (Chicago South Suburbs NSBE Jr.)


Congratulations to

2nd Place Team Nubian Engineering

NSBE NASCAR Ten 80 Student Challenge

Chicago South Suburban NSBE Jr. Chapter

Team Nubian Engineering

The Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM initiative™ is a project-based STEM curriculum, support network and optional competition league created by educators, engineers and industry partners over the last decade. The curriculum is aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. Ten80's team of engineer-educators provides professional development and training for teachers and coaches who support students.

Collaborate, Create & Compete

Over the last decade, Ten80's educators, engineers and community partners have developed the Student Racing Challenge cirriculum, competition and support coalation that broadens interest in STEM, improves academic achievement and fosters competent, creative and critical thinking.

At their core, Student Racing Challenge teams engineer fast, stable cars. From that central mission however, your team's direction is open for student-led innovation as a school-wide industry that can include the fields of robotics, renewable energies and web applications.

Teams earn points and gain feedback from remote STEM mentors via the Student Racing Challenge website. Points leaders earn invitations to the National Finals hosted in May of each year. In a growing number of regions, teams gather face-to-face for Regional Finals to earn a trip to the National Finals. Events are listed at Ten80's Facebook site.

Thanks to U.S. Army sponsorship, the new Monthly Creative Engineering Challenge is available to everyone. You do not have to be registered for the Student Racing Challenge league to collaborate, create and compete in this new mini-series. Learn more and sign up here...



STEM Online Ten 80 Program




Are you into science, math and fast cars? Are you a “STEM Gear Head? 


Can you design, tweak, tune and configure an 1/10 scale RC Touring Car to compete with the guys on the right?


Join  the “Nubian Engineering STEM Racing League”. 


Here’s the deal…

Middle School Class- 5th-8th


High School Class- 9th-12th


For more information on camp locations, cost and other others please fill out form.





Racing Radio Control Automotive Engineering


              STEM Radio Control Racing

         What is RC Racing Engineering?

         Creating radio control scale cars to teach engineering and math

         How do we engage Students?

         How to organize a school and/or community Radio Racing Club.

         Host sponsored RC racing events like car shows, fund raisers and  tech workshops.

         Collaborating with organizations like NASCAR Ten 80 Challenge and  NSBE  to host community events.

         What is the impact

         Increase interest in math and science by incorporating teaching methods in an after school program.

         Apply classroom instruction to projects and activities in programs.

         Provide safe learning environment.

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