Call of Duty Warzone Online Tournament Official Rules

Game Mode: This tournament is in a 2v2 single elimination format. You and your teammate will compete against other teams until there is one team remaining as the champions. Xbox, PS4, and PC players are all encouraged to play since the game is cross-platform compatible.

Invite Teammates: Once the tournament begins (6 PM Central Standard Time), you will be responsible for identifying your matchup in the bracket and inviting your opponent to a Warzone lobby. In the bracket, your opponent’s ACTi vision ID* will be shown (example: JohnAppleseed#123456) and you must send them an ACTi vision friend request in order to invite them to the match. Once they accept the friend request, you will be able to invite them to your lobby.

Matchmaking: After all, 4 players are in the Warzone lobby (you, your teammate, and the 2 members of the opposing team), start a *Warzone Quads* match and queue into an online lobby.

Scoring: When the Warzone match begins, your goal is to kill as many players as possible.  You and your teammate must record more kills combined than the opposing team of two in order to advance to the next round.  Placings do not matter at all. The only thing that should be focused on is killing as many players as possible. 

Proof of Winning: After all, four players are dead, the winning team must take a picture of their endgame screen that displays the kills that you, your teammate, and the opposing team members earned.  The team of 2 that combines for the most kills in that match moves on to the next round as they won the matchup.  For the sake of sportsmanship and helping us run the tournament as smoothly as possible, please do not leave the game before all 4 players have died. This allows the winning team to take a picture of their endgame screen to provide us with honest proof of their victory. However, if you know you already won the match because you have more kills than the opposing team and they are both dead, please take a picture of the leaderboard and leave the game. This ensures people are not waiting too long for their next match for no reason.

Buy Backs: If your teammate dies and you are still alive, it is legal and encouraged to buy your teammate back by spending the in-game $4500 at the various buy stations across the map. Make sure you buy your teammate back and not one of your opponents, as you have no obligation to buy back or revive your opponents.

Tiebreakers: Only one match per round is played, unless there is a tie.  In this situation, you must play another whole match under the same exact rules to determine a winner. Repeat this process until one team records more kills than the other team at the end of a match.

Substitutions: You will not be permitted to change teammates once your first match is played unless you contact the discord channel and provide a valid reason for requesting a substitution. 1 substitution is allowed if the reason is approved. Otherwise, you will be given the option to forfeit your match or play 1v2. If the 1v2 option is chosen, the Warzone Quads game mode is still chosen, not Warzone Trios.  The host must make sure that the *squad fill* option is turned off in this scenario.


                    Less than 32 players; Top 3 
                    1st  50% 
                    2nd 30% 
                    3rd 10%

Registration Fees: $ 10 per team. Payment accepted and payout through PayPal and Zelle only.

  1. Questions: Direct questions to,