Nubian Engineering STEM/STEAM programs focus on Science, Technology, and Engineering and Math (STEM) education and digital media.

Our mission is to engage engineers, mentors and other educational resources to enhance students STEM exposure to make learning relevant and create new STEM career paths. 

 Our approach is to use a three-pronged strategy of teaching cutting edge science, engineering, and technology through hands-on, interactive lessons, using powerful mentors and enlisting strong parental involvement.

 Inspire a passion for science and math in the minds of young engineers of tomorrow by increasing knowledge and interest in science at the elementary school level. 

Our STEM Students taps into the power of collaboration by creating community and corporate consortia that explore innovations in STEM learning and teaching.  By promoting the exchange of ideas among mentors and educators—across professions and disciplines—we’re facilitating diverse communities of ideas with greater power to transform how our kids learn.


Nubian Engineering STEM programs was created and designed to generate bold, effective and transformative changes in the way children learn.   Engaging corporate and community partnerships to better meet the needs of today’s student.

Nubian Engineering STEM programs transform learning experiences through “hands-on” education that inspires competition, team work, critical thinking and self-discovery of learning.